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What is the Role of Legal Nurse Consultants ?

A Legal Nurse Consultant is an exciting opportunity to apply your nursing expertise and provide a variety of services to law firms. Including but not limited to, locating an expert witness who can support the case with an authoritative testimony, reviewing and analyzing medical records for deviation from the medical and nursing standards of care, summarizing medical records and preparing brief opinion reports.

More services include, preparing in depth medical and nursing literature searches that provide the theoretical foundation for a case development, suggesting policies and procedures that should be obtained from the opposition, identifying defendants, and developing questions for deposition for the opposing expert witness.

In addition, attending the depositions of these individuals to detect the nuances that can not be captured on the transcript, obtaining information about the opposing expert's reputation and publications, helping the attorney develop a theme for the case, obtaining medical literature to support & impeach key case issues, assisting with the preparation of demonstrative evidence, and identifying additional documents vital to case preparation.

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